Theatre Thoughts

Invasion! It didn't change everything!

                       So we were sitting sharing hookah, as the four of us are want to do, Luisa Sermol, Victor Mack, young Master Sonera, and myself; a familiar “rap session” after one of our many company meetings, when the topic of conversation switched from a discussion of the Verfremdungseffekt and whether its place in modern theatre has been superseded by reality television, to naturally, Invasion!. ‘The thing,’ Tony said ‘that people keep telling me, is that Invasion!

Badass Theatre Company: Manifesto

Theatre. It’s been around for as long as human beings have been human beings. For as long as there’s been one person here to tell a story and one person over there to listen, some form of theatre has existed. And as long as that single circumstance remains true, theatre will be around. When the internet and movies and TV and smartphones and even books are gone, theatre will still be here. That’s real. That’s primal. That’s badass.

Sweden Isn't Perfect

Sweden…isn’t perfect. I know, it’s a lot to take in, but take a few deep breaths, and I swear the panic will pass. Trust me I understand what you’re going through. Like you I also thought of Sweden as the cool blue-green land where, many decades ago the great mother-ship IKEA landed unobtrusively, a great hardwood ramp quietly lowered itself to the snowy ground, and down came thousands of endearingly rumbling, navy-hued Volvos that spread benevolent socialism wherever they went, and caused lingonberries to grow like lucky charms. But this isn’t so.