Thursday - Saturday @ 8pm & Sunday @ 2pm


Badass Theatre Company's inaugural production is INVASION! by Jonas Hassen Khemiri and translated by Rachel Wilson-Broyles. It is directed by Antonio Sonera. INVASION! is an uproarious tornado of words, images and ideas, all centered around a magical name: Abulkasem. The play assaults our deepest prejudices about identity, race and language. At once hilarious, unsettling and poignant, this deeply subversive play deconstructs a threatening identity – the Arabic male – and forces us to confront our own cultural identity.


Here is what the critics have said:


"Jonas Hassen Khemiri's inventive tragicomedy "Invasion!" hits all the right notes on the way to its moving conclusion, managing to infuriate, then amuse, then enthrall without ever seeming disjointed or unsure."

-Sam Theilman, Variety


"An agressive work of theatre. Compelling contemplative drama. A testament to the living, breathing use of spoken words in the theatre. There is art, heroic art to be mined from the struggle to speak the unspeakable." 

-Ben Brantley, NY Times


"Exposes a truth that might not be intuitive-theatre can be subversive, even defiant, and at the same time sweetly charming. Highly theatrical and original."

-Associated Press

INVASION! will run at the Miracle Theatre in Portland Oregon (525 SE Stark) from June 6th through June 29th. Thursday through Saturday @ 8pm Sunday @ 2pm. It features Gilberto Martin del Campo, Nicole Accuardi, John San Nicholas, and Chantal DeGroat. Tickets will be $15 for students and $20 for general admission.